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Immunizations are the best way to protect you and your family against dangerous infectious diseases. Pickett Family Medical Center in The Colony, Texas, can provide adults and seniors with all the immunizations they need to protect from common diseases or illnesses. To find out what vaccines you may need, call or go online to schedule your appointment today.

Immunizations Q & A

Do adults need vaccines?

Adults may require vaccines for protection against certain illnesses such as the flu or shingles, or if they have certain medical conditions. In addition, adults need to continue receiving tetanus shots every eight years.

Students entering college are usually required to get the meningitis vaccine if they plan to live in a dormitory.

For adults over age 65, the pneumococcal vaccine is recommended.

If you plan to travel abroad, the Center for Disease Control recommends certain immunizations before you travel to avoid diseases that may be common in some foreign countries, such as typhoid, yellow fever, hepatitis A, malaria, cholera, and others.

Do vaccines have side effects?

Vaccines rarely have significant side effects. The most common side effects of vaccines are pain, swelling, redness, or soreness at the injection site. Some patients may also experience fatigue, headache, a low-grade fever, and possibly mild muscle or joint pain.

These side effects generally begin about 24 hours after the injection, and can last for one or two days afterward.

Your doctor at Pickett Family Medical Center advises you of any possible side effects you might experience at the time of the injection. If your reaction is not among those discussed, you should contact the office.

In rare cases, a patient may have an allergic reaction to a vaccine. Call Pickett Family Medical Center immediately if you see signs of an allergic reaction such as trouble breathing or severe swelling.

Immunizations are important for both children and adults to prevent contracting and spreading diseases. Pickett Family Medical Center can provide all the immunizations you and your family need throughout your lifetime. Schedule an appointment by calling the office or booking online.