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Having onsite Radiographic Imaging services in The Colony, Texas, at Pickett Family Medical Center means no long waits at the hospital’s emergency room. No matter whether you suspect you may have fractured a bone during a fall, or need your chest examined to diagnose a respiratory condition, your Radiographic Imaging can be done conveniently in the office without having to travel to a separate location, saving you time. Schedule a radiographic image online or call the office to discuss your concerns.

Radiographic Imaging Q & A

Why would I need a Radiographic Image?

Radiographic Images are a way for your doctor at Pickett Family Medical Center to see what’s going on underneath your skin. Radiographic Images are most commonly used to detect fractures or breaks in bones, which can’t typically be confirmed by simply looking at the site of the pain.  

When you break a major bone, you feel tremendous pain and often can’t walk, so you typically seek treatment right away.  

A fracture, however, may not be as obvious. Sometimes a slip and fall can cause a fracture and you may not be aware of it. If the pain at the site of the fall doesn’t improve after several days or gets worse, a Radiographic Image is the best way to determine whether or not you have a fracture.

Radiographic Images can also help diagnose other internal issues, such as a sinus infection, a respiratory infection, or pneumonia.

Can a Radiographic Image really diagnose a sinus infection?

Yes, a Radiographic Image of the nose enables your doctor to see if there’s swelling or a buildup of fluid in your sinus cavities.

Sinus infections are often misdiagnosed because the symptoms can include a cough, a headache, a runny nose or a fever. A sinus radiographic image can confirm a sinus infection so you don’t spend time treating the wrong condition.

A sinus infection almost always requires antibiotics, which the Pickett Family Medical Team can prescribe to you.

Why do I need a Radiographic Image for a cough?

If your doctor at Pickett Family Medical Center suspects your cough is the result of a respiratory infection or pneumonia, they have you undergo a chest radiographic image in the office. The radiographic image lets your doctor see the buildup of fluid in the lungs (pneumonia) or the site of an infection.

The doctor may also request a chest radiographic image for a persistent cough lasting more than 8 weeks or if you’re having shortness of breath. The chest radiographic image determines if these are the result of asthma, allergies, or something more serious.

Emphysema can also be diagnosed using a chest radiographic image.

Having radiographic imaging services available in the offices of Pickett Family Medical Center is a huge advantage for patients. You don’t have to travel to a separate location, or wait for the results to come back to the doctor.

If you have a condition that may require a radiographic image, call their office and schedule an appointment or book an appointment online.